Workout Evolution

After graduating college, I told myself I would form a habit of working out on a frequent basis. And almost 6 years later, I can say I have actually stuck with it … for the most part.  My work out habits have definitely evolved over time.

Post college, I immediately began a routine of running outside. At first I hated and dreaded running but I learned to enjoy it most of the time.  I refused to run on a treadmill.

Then in graduate school, my roommate introduced me to a Jillian Michaels DVD. I was sooo sore the next day, I knew I either got a crazy good workout or I was severely out of shape.  The videos were added to my regular routine as an alternative to running.

When I was training for my recently completed half marathon, I was working in a town that didn’t have sidewalks. Not wanting to kill my training, I broke down and began running on a treadmill.  There is something to be said for the reliability and consistency of a treadmill.

Recently I ran into a dilemma. 1. I live on the top floor and I didn’t feel like stomping on my downstairs neighbor’s head when doing the DVD.  2. A treadmill would be tight squeeze into our 700 sf condo.  3. This time of year I tend to go to work in the dark and return home in the dark, which leaves no daylight for running.  4. Although it has been uncharacteristically warm in the Northeast, I knew the cold was coming (and it has officially arrived).  For some reason, I have no desire to run in below freezing weather especially with the added chill and wind from the Hudson River.  5. Gym memberships in NYC are not the cheapest especially when you consider the amount of time I would be traveling and unable to use it.

I knew I would be working in NYC the entire month of January and knew I had to do something. I broke down and got a one week newcomers pass to test out a raved about women’s fitness studio in Hoboken.  The studio offers an array of fitness classes including spinning; toning; dance and core; and a blend of spinning and toning.  I went to the first class crazy nervous and intimidated and left excited and empowered.

The first class I selected was “Ride Mixer”. It included 20 minutes of toning weights, 20 minutes of spinning and 20 minutes of strengthening core work.  It was immediate clear my cardio is up to par but my strength not quite so.  The class was crazy tough but the instructors motivated you to fight through.  I was worried I wouldn’t be as fit as the other girls (and I wasn’t) but no one cared if they even noticed.

Throughout the week, I did 5 classes of all different varieties and even did two classes the final day (not the smartest move). The second class, “Next Stop Skinny”, was a total body circuit class advertised to tone every inch of your body.  This class was easily the hardest for me.  I am not sure I would have finished if the instructor were not yelling in my face.  “Tight End” was half spinning and half exercises intended to give you that coveted tight tookus.  I did two sessions of “Riding High”, which incorporates light weights with a concentration on toning your arms into a spin session so your legs don’t feel alone.

Although I loved the studio, I always have to weigh out all options. Before making a decision on how to solve my dilemma, I plan on trying memberships at other gyms in Hoboken but the bar is set pretty high.

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