Working in NYC

My first month after transferring to NYC, I was on special assignments meaning I had not yet worked in the city or with my new co-workers. I had a class in DC, a two week assignment in Philadelphia and then another two week assignment in Minneapolis.  This week I finally worked on an assignment for my new office with my new coworkers. Ahhhh!

If you didn’t know, Keith and I have the exact same job, which is not a stationary job.  The location of our work changes every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or as assigned. This week Keith’s assignment was in Midtown Manhattan and mine was in Astoria Queens.  Ideally, we could have both rode the same train and he would get off six stops before me.  Unfortunately, we had different work hours so I needed to leave before him.  Keith gave me directions.  Walk to the Path, get off at 33rd street, transfer to the Q or N train and get off at Broadway. Simple enough …. I think.  I made it!

Unfortunately I have to report I got “lost”.  Wednesday I had to go to the district office in Manhattan.  Getting there was easy enough.  On the way home I knew where I was at but I could not seem to find the correct subway entrance.  I walked and walked and walked in circles knowing it had to be close.  I found an entire underground world.  Persistence eventually paid off but my feet were in pain.

imageMy goal is to get a comfort with this map.  I don’t want to always depend on Keith for directions.  And you will know I am a true New Yorker when I talk subway lines and stops without needing to refer to the map.

I was concerned about meeting the new coworkers and meshing with them but the ones I worked with were fabulous.  With each change in assignment the coworkers I work with change along with the type of work I am responsible for.  I am very aware the assignments in NYC will be more complex than those in Wichita.  I fear not meeting expectations but anyone who know me knows I love learning and challenge.   Luckily, I was eased into this week with a familiar assignment.

The rough part about the week was the work hours.  I am 100% okay with going into work early if it means I get off early and have more of an evening to workout, cook, run errands and  relax.  This week my work hours were not optional and I was not getting off until 5:30pm, which meant getting home at 6:30 pm.  I am the girl who arrives at work at 6:00 am to get those 9 hours in and be off by 3:30 pm.

Friday I changed gears and drove to Edison New Jersey for a quarterly team meeting where I met more coworkers.  I was so impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge they appear to possess.

As okay as this first week was, I am ready to establish a routine.  I need to get into a routine to maintain my OCD sanity.  The routine will include workout schedule, cooking healthy food, and hopefully a schedule to these blog posts.  HOWEVER, Keith and I are currently on vacation sitting on the beach in Grenada so that routine will have to wait.  Stay tuned for more on vacation ……


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