Working in NYC II

I am delighted to report my second week of work in NYC went much smoother than the first week.

This week I worked in the Bronx.  I was prepared to try to figure out my route to the bank, but before I had the opportunity, Keith informed me him and his mom had perfected my route.  I think they were both a little anxious for me to be in their neck of the woods.   As soon as I stepped off the train Monday, I got a flood of text from Keith.

“Ahh you are in my hood”

“So crazy”

“You are working in my childhood.  When you were running around J Town, I was running amuck in those streets”

So what made this week better than the first?

Morning workouts –After resisting the idea, I committed to morning workouts.  Getting up just 45 minutes earlier each morning has allowed me to free up time in the evening and have one less thing weighing on my shoulders when I get off work.  I woke up a little before 5:00 a.m. each morning, except Thursday, to get a short workout in.  I was able to make dinner shortly after arriving home.  The idea of eating after 8:00 was killing me.   Thursday I didn’t workout in the morning because Keith and I planned an evening run in honor of the beautiful weather forecasted for the day.  If Keith agrees to run with me I take him up on it.

Pre-packed lunches – Sunday evening, I prepared and packed healthy lunches for each day of the week.  Healthy eating does wonders for my mental well-being.  Just as importantly, pre-packed lunches mean one less thing to do in the evening.

Staying busy during the commute – Last week, Keith asked me if I had a routine on the subway.  He explained everyone has a subway routine.   Listen to music, play a game, read, etc.  I realized I had been sitting on the subway letting my brain wander for an hour and half each direction.  Let me tell you, my brain wanders pretty far and spins out of control at times.   Sunday, I downloaded two books I had started awhile back but never got into on our iPad.  By Wednesday, I had finished the first and am well into the second.  Any recommendations for the next book?

Although I considered this week a success, there are still many things I need to work on to get comfortable with this new life.

I have yet to figure out how girls transport all their belongings around the city.  Each day I have my work material (computer, power cord, mouse, notebook, calculator, etc), normal purse necessities, lunch, water bottle, and coffee.  In Wichita I would just throw my work bag, lunch pail and purse into my car.  Three bags are a little cumbersome to carry.

I need to find comfortable footwear for work.  My feet are rebelling from my attempt to walk in this city in heels.  I could always bring an extra paid of shoes but that is one more item to lug around.

I try to keep timing myself to be patient.  It will all come with time right?

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