Welcome Home

I made it to my new home!


Upon arrival I was informed the area was supposed to get a massive storm with potentially historical snow levels. NO! I don’t do cold! On the plus side, this meant Keith would be working from home the next couple of days rather then leaving to go work in Massachusetts.

Monday morning when I awoke, the snow fall had already commenced. I quickly bundled up and ran out to start on my never ending “to do” before the weather became unbearable. The first errand of the day was the dreaded trip to the social security office to get my name changed. Getting a New Jersey driver’s license was next on the list. My heart winced when the Lady at the DMV informed me she would not be giving me back my Kansas license.

When I returned home, Keith informed me they declared the soon to arrive blizzard a state of emergency. All government offices would shut down that afternoon and vehicles were banned from the roads beginning 9:00 pm. The snow was falling harder so I made a mad dash to the store to grab some food. The store was a madhouse! As I was shopping, I overheard a mother ask her daughter to grab boxed milk because it didn’t go bad if the power were to go out. At that moment I looked in my cart to see all items requiring cooking and realized I was not prepared for a blizzard and did not know how to begin preparing.

The moving company called to inform me the storm caused my household goods to be delayed and would not arrive until Thursday. I am trying to be a good sport about this situation but what a bummer. I have the week off to unpack and have nothing to unpack.

Tuesday I woke up to a pleasant surprise of very little snow accumulation. The weatherman was quick to explain he predicted two storm paths and the storm took the less severe route. Thank you Jesus! Tuesday was filled with thank you cards and watching Homeland. A foot of snow is enough of a reason to be lazy all day right?

I did pause to make Keith zuppa toscan soup for lunch. Keith was quick to inform me I made a mistake by setting a high bar for upcoming meals with this soup. I guess this recipe will be added to the archives.


Now I just sit anxiously waiting the arrival of my stuff so we can start making our place feel like home.

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