Wedding Photos

Our wedding photos have arrived!

A coworker advised me not to skimp on the photographer and I would pass this advise along to any bride-to-be. Truth is I sort of kind of chose the date of our wedding based on photographers’ availability. Thankfully that decision paid off. The photos we received truly capture the moments and emotions of the day. I can’t wait to look back on these photos in the years to come.

Our photographer, Sascha, waited patiently during the tense moments at the courthouse before Keith’s arrival. He even acted as a counselor advising me to get my anger out and then let it go. After the ceremony he requested we avoid the New Years Times Square craziness and instead we went straight to Brooklyn. Of course we had to seize the photo opportunity and ride the subway. The warehouses, bridges and the Manhattan skyline made perfect backdrops in DUMBO. We then jumped in a taxi (another photo opportunity) to return to Manhattan where photos were taken on the library steps. Sascha asked us to risk our lives and be lovey dovey in the middle of a busy intersection. We finished our session at grand Central Station. Keith and I truly had a blast taking photos but man was I EXHAUSTED by the end.

Keith and Clara’s Wedding Slideshow

Keith and Clara’s Wedding Photo Gallery

I hope you enjoy our photos as much as we do! I do have to apologize for all the kissing and closeness … it’s not really my thing but I think this day warrants an exception.

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  1. I’m in love with your wedding pictures, Clara! So perfect and unique. You guys look so incredibly happy in them!

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