The BIG Changes

I assume anyone reading this blog knows about the upcoming BIG changes in my life but just in case let me give you a brief synopsis ….

On December 31st I am getting married at the Manhattan City Clerk’s Office. I will enter calendar year 2015 with a new last name.

Along with becoming a wife I will also become a “step-mom” to one of the cutest, smartest and polite girls I have ever been around. Wow! That is the first time I have referred to myself using that term “step-mom” verbally or in writing.

My new family.

On January 19th a moving company will arrive at my apartment in Wichita Kansas to pack and ship my remaining “household goods” that I have not given away or sold. Approximately one week later (the exact date is yet to be determined) I will officially move 1,632 miles from my hometown in Manter Kansas and a gazillion miles from my grandparents, mother, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephew, and cousins to New York City.


IMG_0103.JPGJust some of my amazing family.

I do not think I need to start elaborating on how big of a change New York City will be from Southwest Kansas.


What will I be doing in New York? The agency I work for and my job title will not change. Yay for no change! YEAH RIGHT!!! While my job title is the same, I will have a new boss, a new set of administrative procedures, a new set of new coworkers, and a new portfolio of institutions with products and services I am not familiar with. I am really putting to test the claim on that I “thrive on challenge”.

Did I mention I am a new homeowner? My fiancé and I purchased our first home. We will merge the stuff from his life and my life into our new 700 sf condo.

IMG_0221-0.JPGAnd my stuff is supposed to go where?

“… and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

– Anais Nin

16 thoughts on “The BIG Changes

  1. Jonathan was giving me all the updates on you, I’m so happy that I get to now follow along!! Good luck to you and a huge congrats!!! You are going to do great…that big city needs more small town girls to make it that much better!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Congrats & goodluck on your new adventure. Your fiancé is a lucky guy. We love you! Brent & Wanita

  3. Congrats on the many new and exciting changes in your life!!!! You have certainly grown from the little Clara Keith and I remember when we were at Manter!!! We wish you and your new family many, many blessings!!!
    Debbie and Keith

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