Thankful Thursday

This blog is about me opening up and being honest right?  WELL …. honestly the reason I haven’t posted in almost two months is because I’ve been down in the dumps.  You know those times we all go through?  I have always been taught not to share my negativity with everyone or spread unnecessary worry so I did not consider blogging during this period.

When I was questioning quitting blogging period an encouraging message from a lady in Southwest Kansas was relayed to me.  She reminded me that there are many people who not only enjoy my blog but think highly of me.  Just the positive message I needed at just the right time!

I dumped all of this on you not because I want to raise concerns or want you to feel sorry for me but because all of this spurred the idea for a new blog initiative.  We all know dwelling on negativity only promotes additional negativity right?  So why don’t we dwell on the positive?  Why not share that positive thought in the rare chance it might maybe potentially brighten someone else’s day?

Each week I want to make a conscious effort to acknowledge one thing in my life I am thankful for.  I am hoping this will trigger appreciative thoughts throughout the week and as a result improve my overall attitude.

So here goes week one …

I am so very thankful for the Church of the Resurrection podcasts.

Awhile back I discovered podcasts to help keep me awake during long drives. I started off listening to economic related podcasts.  I then discovered the Church of the Resurrection sermons when I expanded my listening to during runs (I’m a pretty big nerd but “the shrinking middle class” is tough to comprehend at mile 4).  If you are unfamiliar, Church of the Resurrection is a LARGE church in Kansas City area.  I am not overly familiar with the ins and outs of the church but am familiar with the pastor.  He has a way with words and a talent to break down tough biblical topics for non-theologians like me.

This week before my run I went to download the most recent sermon and was a little turned off by the title.  I was in a 5:00 a.m. grog with little time to waste so I decided to give it a chance rather then search for alternative options.  I am glad I did because I am pretty sure he wrote the sermon for me.  It just happened to target an issue I have had struggled with recently.  You know when you see or hear something and want to share it with everyone you know?  That is how I felt about the sermon this week!

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Hi Clara, COR is my church now that I am in KC. It is a long way from my small church in Liberal. Pastor Adam is amazing. So glad you are enjoying the podcasts. Have you checked out the COR REZ WOMEN Gratitude 21 day thing we are doing right now? Check out the website. It is great!

  2. Loving your blog posts and your honesty, Clara! So glad you are sharing your new life, joys and struggles. The Townsends go to COR and Amy told me about the podcasts when I was in KC a few months ago. I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve listened to also.

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