Thankful Thursday VIII

This week I am thankful for my suitcase and all the contents.

I am sure you are thinking this is an odd thing to be thankful for. You know how they say you don’t appreciate something until your lost something. It is true! I will try to keep the background story as short as possible.

When leaving for work for the week Keith took my bags downstairs for me. What a good husband right? He did not have keys so he sat my bags behind and to the side of the car. I assumed he put them in the car so I hopped in and drove off with my suitcase, garment bag, and lunch bag on the street.  I didn’t discover this until I went to check in at the hotel and the back of the car was empty. My heart dropped! I immediately called Keith who explained he did not have keys (which he did tell me but I did not make the connection) so couldn’t not put them in the car. He also informed me they were not still on the street when he left for work.

My mind started racing ….


I immediately realized I would have to drive 2.5 hours home after work and be back by 8:00 am. I wasn’t sure if it was too late to cancel the hotel? My suitcase has a luggage tag with my phone number on it. If someone “found” it they would have called by now. It was for sure STOLEN! My computer was in it! My work clothes! I am going to have to pack again tonight. My new running shoes! My jewelry! All my makeup! When am I going to find time to replace all this? My computer has so many pictures on it! Wait, the suitcase alone might be the most missed!

While I was thinking of worst case scenarios Keith was out searching for the bags. He called the police department, went to the apartment complex across the street, and municipal building next door. After receiving an apologetic “no” from each he proceeded to visit each. After exhausting all options he began returning home when he spotted the yellow lunch cooler in the municipal garage. Turns out the maintenance men had seen me drive off and tried to flag me down.

Crisis adverted!  I suddenly could care less about the 5 hours of driving a headed of me.   

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