Thankful Thursday VII

I am thankful for country music. 

I have never been the biggest music fan.  I don’t purchase or download music. I rely 100% on the radio.

My music listening has dwindled now that I am in the car less often then my Kansas days.  It has diminished to the point I almost feel deprived.  I never would of thought I would say that!

Thankfully, the past couple weeks I have been working in southern New Jersey with a 10 minute drive between the hotel and work.  During those 10 minutes, I get my much needed country music fix.  I crank up the radio and sing (more of a belt) along.  During those 10 minutes, I almost forget where I am at or that I am surrounded by a gazillion people.  It seems like each and every song just speaks to me … even thought it didn’t the first 4,572 times I heard it.

 Now I just need to get Keith and Mimi on board so I don’t have to split the radio time.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday VII

  1. I love it! I feel the exact same way and I have been a “city girl” for a very long time but any time I get an opportunity to drive in a car I go direct to country station and sing like I just don’t care esp. On a road trip! Hence why I loved the little bit of driving I did when I was “home” in Co! Thank goodness for the little things!

  2. I’m slow getting to this postng but I love it !! You girls are even more intelligent than I previously thought (!!) Just keep 0n listening when you can and singing along ….JIRC in KS- the heartland

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