Thankful Thursday V

This week, I am thankful for my new nephewsHow lucky am I to have two new nephews within a little over a month.

I have never been much of a baby person. Unlike most women, I don’t swoon over babies. In fact, I avoid babies.

This might have changed when I was lucky enough to be in Kansas City when Kipling Rhea was born about one month ago.

I arrived in Kansas City the day after his due date and found myself wondering if I would get to see him but not stressing over it either way.  I thought seeing my family and helping my sister prepare for his arrival was satisfying enough. It is a good thing he came before I left because I am not sure I could have imagined how much the little man would melt my heart.  In case this wasn’t enough…. On Tuesday of this week, Myles Julian entered the world.  Unfortunately, I have not seen this little guy yet and am not sure when I will.  Knowing his dad, he will be quite the character.

 I can’t wait to watch these little guys grow and develop unique personalities. Even more, I can’t wait to see my sister and brother turn into the great parents I know they will be.

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