Thankful Thursday IV

This week my thoughts of thankfulness came to me in a moment of frustration.

Since moving to NYC, I have purposely driven as little as possible.  1. I hate driving no matter where I am or where I am going so if I can pawn it off on someone else I will.  2. I miss my Jeep and am not a fan of Keith’s hatchback.  3. The roads in the Northeast are atrocious.  I am talking canyons in the middle of the road that might take out your car if hit wrong.  4. Instinct is worthless with the way the roads, highways, turnpikes, freeways and parkways are laid out.  I think I could find my way out of a maze before I could figure out how to get around this area.

Roads don’t do this in Kansas!  (Don’t worry I was not driving when I took this.)  The worst part is the signs don’t help.

I finally couldn’t avoid driving the hatchback anymore … Monday I had to brave driving to my work assignment in Philadelphia.

I am thankful for GPS.  How in the world did people ever get around this part of the country without GPS?  I feel like I have a decent sense of directions but I can’t imagine directing someone to do all the merging, keeping left, keeping right, stay in this lane, turn at this unmarked exit, drive around in a pretzel formation (see above) and swerving I had to do.  Admittedly, I had GPS and still took a wrong turn somewhere.

Thanks to GPS I arrived in Philadelphia … very discombobulated but I arrived.

Now I just need to learn to be more alert when driving. Every second someone is many slamming on their brakes in front of me or cutting me off. A far cry from being almost the only person on the road.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday IV

  1. Clara!! I am so excited to keep up with you and see how amazing you’re doing!! It’s great to see how happy and in love you are. Much love, Tori Lu! (Now Tori Wellman!)

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