Thankful Thursday III

This week I am thankful for the opportunity to work at home. 

On a typical morning, I try to roll out of bed early to work out.  This is especially tough when Keith is still snoozing away.  When my workout is complete, I make Keith a smoothie before hopping in the shower.  I try to juggle cooking my breakfast while fixing my hair and putting on makeup, hoping I can finish before Keith takes over the bathroom.  I then scarf down breakfast so I can get dressed for the day.  What I choose to wear at that moment better work because I typically don’t have extra time to try on multiple outfits.  I throw my lunch I packed the night before in my bag and head out the door.  Then the half hour to two hour commute begins …

This routine is not bad at all.  BUT when given the opportunity to work at home, I definitely appreciate the change of pace.

When working at home, I literally roll out of bed, start my coffee, and make Keith’s daily smoothie while my computer boots up.  The simplicity is so nice.  It is almost as if the weekend was extended.

I don’t have to fix my hair, put on makeup or even get dressed.  This means I don’t have to share the bathroom with Keith.

I make breakfast when I get hungry and actually get to taste it rather than just inhaling it.

I don’t have to stress about working out before or after work since I can run along the water during lunch.

I don’t have to prepare a lunch the night before.  Instead, I open the fridge and eat whatever sounds good at that moment.

I may or may not do some laundry.

AND believe it or not I often get more accomplished while working at home.

Did I mention I am already home at the end of the work day?  No commute cutting into my evening.  More time for grilling in this beautiful weather.


The truth is as much as I enjoy this luxury I can’t do it too often.  I need to get ready, be outside and see people sometimes or I might go crazy.

Your turn!  What are you thankful for this week?

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday III

  1. I am thankful for my husband Brian and his tolerating my getting a puppy! Little does he know that the German shorthair breed can be incredibly active (he’ll soon find out)…so I’m also thankful in advance for his patience and caring for him (his name is JARVIS) while I’m traveling for work!

  2. I am thankful for happy daughters making their way in the world. I know at times it is really hard for them but I am so proud of the women they are.

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