Thankful Thursday II

It is Thankful Thursday again! This week I am going to be materialistic.  It is ok to be materialistic if you are thankful?

Anyways I am thankful for my NEW BAG.

Keith gave me a purse for my birthday.  I loved the purse BUT the style was not ideal for the NYC lifestyle I am attempting to adapt to.  Being the practical person that I am, I could not justify the expense of an unused purse even if it was a gift.  I know I know!  Returning a gift is horrible!

After returning the purse, we both spent an extensive amount of time searching for the ideal bag.  I would pop into random stores while walking home, Keith searched online, we both went shopping, etc.  There were so many candidates but they all seemed to have a downfall.  This one was too small, that one was too large, I can’t fit things in those since they are divided in the middle, it has no compartments, some were not timeless and some were just ugly.

A couple of weeks ago we FINALLY (3 months later) bit the bullet and bought one!!!

Let’s be honest … there is nothing special about the bag …. but it works!  It is a large HUGE black leather tote.  I am able to fit my lunch (and Keith’s lunch), an extra set of walking shoes, umbrella, coffee thermos, water bottle and other necessities in it.  What a relief it is to no longer be carrying multiple bags for all these items.  Oh and did I mention it was cheaper than the original purse? This weekend Keith and I are making a quick trip to New Orleans so I will put the bag to the test.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday II

  1. If you ever want to get a second bag I highly recommend a coated canvas bag. I love the ones Tumi makes. Not nearly as heavy as leather but very durable.

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