Spontaneous Toronto Trip

Mid-afternoon on Friday, Keith and I decided to head into NYC to shop for bedroom furniture. We were on the subway somewhere under the Hudson River when Keith turned to me and asked “Want to go to Toronto?” I am sure he expected me to come up with a gazillion reasons why I couldn’t or we shouldn’t go but I surprised him and said “sure”. I have never been to Toronto but it is Keith’s favorite city. He has been trying to finagle a trip for a while now. 

We hopped off the subway at the first stop and hopped back on to head right back home. We each packed a small bag, grabbed our passports and hit the road. I booked the hotels while Keith drove. Thank gosh for our hotel point accumulating job. It sure makes trips a lot cheaper.

Our first stop Saturday morning was a Canadian furniture store we had visited in Montreal during a trip we made last year. We were more successful than planned and left the furniture store with bedroom furniture ordered. Not only did we accomplish our initial mission and reason we were heading into NYC but we also got the furniture at 50% off. Score! And if that wasn’t enough, we later realized the purchase price was in Canadian Dollars and thanks to the recent devalue of the Canadian Dollar we realized we got even more of a steal.

We then headed to downtown Toronto where we ate brunch at Momofuku Daisho.  We shared whitefish buns and hanger steak.  The hanger steak was amazing.  Typically, I like simple dishes and this was quite the opposite.  However, the number of flavors in this dish amazed me in a good way.

We spent the day walking around the city and popping in stores when we felt like it. It was a brisk day at 45⁰ but I managed. We found one art gallery and happened to find a piece we liked at a decent price. After debating, we decided to snap a picture and mull over the purchase while we continued to explore. On our way out of the store, we snapped a picture of another piece catching our eye.    We finished our day with dinner at DaiLo.  The restaurant puts a modern flair on “reimagined dim sum type” dishes.  I don’t think anything I write can do these creative dishes justice.

Sunday morning we explored the Ontario lakefront area of the city. Of course we had to walk by the CN tower.  I learned it is the tallest structure in the western hemisphere, which I find pretty impressive because I am continuously amazed by how massive the Freedom Tower stands.  You can’t even look up at the CN tower without getting dizzy.  Finally, we returned to the art gallery with plans to offer a lowball price for each piece in hopes they would meet in the middle. I let Keith do the negotiating while I stood back trying not to listen. I think Keith was okay with this only because he knows I am useless when it comes to decisions. I was pleased when he informed me we were purchasing both pieces at the price we planned to offer for one.

We clearly had a pretty successful trip. Without any intentions, we made a lot of progress on furnishing our home.

Second Trip Ever to Nebraska

It is crazy that I lived in a bordering state to Nebraska almost my entire life but had never stepped foot in the cornhusker state.  This changed in May when I made my first trip to Nebraska to be in a wedding.  On this trip, I fell in love with bride’s family.  I assume I enjoyed her family because they remind me of my own family.  Specifically, I loved the four sisters.  Did I say they remind me of my own family? Each sister is fabulous on their own but observing the way they interact with each other makes them a million times better.  Being around them really makes me reflect on my sisters and I’s relationship.  Needless to say I knew the May trip would not be my last trip to Nebraska.

Over Labor Day weekend I made my second trip ever to Nebraska.  Micaela (the bride referred to above) picked me up from the airport Thursday evening and we drove to her home in Lindsay to get my country fix.

Friday morning we took Micaela’s new puppy to the vet.  I personally don’t care for dogs (don’t judge!) but how can you not laugh at the little conundrum he got himself into.


After the vet we spent time with Micaela’s grandma.  I love observing how invested she is in each grandkids’ life and in turn how each grandkid adores her.  Another reminder of my own family!  Of course the visit only made me miss own grandparents more.

We then headed to Omaha for a wedding.   Continue reading

Martha’s Vineyard

We took advantage of our traveling job again and went on a “subsidized” daytrip to Martha’s Vineyard.

It seems going to Martha’s Vineyard is a pretty common summer trip in the Northeast.  Who would have known?

We boarded a ferry in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  The ferry took about 45 minutes to get us to the island.   Upon arriving on the island we darted immediately for seafood.  Continue reading

Father’s Day Weekend Fun

Why does the rain always comes when I am not working and have the chance to be outdoors?  This weekend we had plans to spend Saturday having fun outdoors and of course rain crept its way into the weather forecast.  We took our chances and headed out anyway …

Hoboken has several small playgrounds and “green spaces” along the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan.  Green spaces are loved in the city.  Trust me!  If the temperature hits 75, every square inch of green space will be covered with people.  To get a good spot you have to get out early and beat the crowd.  Luckily for us the rainy forecast meant we had plenty of room.  This pier is perfect (if you ignore the cloudy weather) with a playground for big kids and another for younger kids towards the back, a small yard of grass, and stadium seats below the grass.


The playground equipment in NYC is much better then the equipment I played on as a child.  I am not sure Keith, Mimi or I enjoyed playing on it more. Continue reading