Workout Evolution

After graduating college, I told myself I would form a habit of working out on a frequent basis. And almost 6 years later, I can say I have actually stuck with it … for the most part.  My work out habits have definitely evolved over time.

Post college, I immediately began a routine of running outside. At first I hated and dreaded running but I learned to enjoy it most of the time.  I refused to run on a treadmill.

Then in graduate school, my roommate introduced me to a Jillian Michaels DVD. I was sooo sore the next day, I knew I either got a crazy good workout or I was severely out of shape.  The videos were added to my regular routine as an alternative to running.

When I was training for my recently completed half marathon, I was working in a town that didn’t have sidewalks. Not wanting to kill my training, I broke down and began running on a treadmill.  There is something to be said for the reliability and consistency of a treadmill.

Recently I ran into a dilemma. Continue reading

I Ran a Half Marathon!

I did it! I finally ran a half marathon!

Leading up to the race, I received numerous texts asking if I was ready and wishing me luck.  Normally, I appreciate nice thoughts but this occasion was different. I was doing everything I could to not even think about the race.

Micaela and I prepared for the race by eating a carb loaded dinner the night before the race.  Both Micaela and I struggled ordering. We knew we needed carbs before the race for energy and protein after the race to rebuild muscle but we weren’t sure about protein before the run. We are clearly amateurs. I played it safe and got both.


We arrived at the race site bright and early.  I became suddenly nervous as I observed all the other participants. They all looked so professional.


My bad habit is unconsciously biting my cheeks when I nervous or concentrating.  I was clearly nervous in this picture above.

The race started downhill and extra fast.  I was overwhelmed by the little room I had to move (I knew I would be). Luckily, the full marathon and 10k runners split at about 1 mile, giving me a little room to breathe. Continue reading

Half Marathon Update

I finally signed up for a half marathon after wanting to run one forever.  The race is in Omaha Nebraska on Sunday September 6th.  Accompanying me we will be a good friend and coworker, Micaela.

I am amazed at how well training has gone.  I attribute most of this to my need for structure.  Following a schedule is right up my alley.  I have had to make some changes to the schedule including deleting a full week once I finally nailed down a race date.  The others have been more minor changes based on my daily schedule.

I should admit training hasn’t been all roses.  One week I was unable to achieve the 9 mile goal I set out for.  I was extremely frustrated and felt defeated.  I had signed up for the race prior to heading out for that run and immediately started thinking that was a mistake.  I guess it just wasn’t my week because the following week I ran 10 miles just fine.  The feeling of accomplishment was back.

half marathon

This morning, I will run my last long run prior to the race.  If I can run 12 miles today, surely I can run 13.1 miles the following weekend right?!?!

Half Marathon

I hate to admit it but I am the queen of excuses. A lot of this stems from my fear to commit.  Perfect example: I’ve expressed a desire to run a half marathon for about forever but have not done it.  First, I didn’t want to run the race by myself. I said I needed someone to share the enjoyment and achievement with me. Keith agreed to run but didn’t plan on training. This wasn’t enough because I wanted someone to hold me accountable and discuss the pains of training leading up to the run. A coworker in Wichita planned to run a race and invited me. Unfortunately, the race was on a four-day weekend and I wanted to keep the weekend open for potential plans. Then, another coworker from Omaha agreed to train simultaneously with me and meet up in whatever location to run the race together. Of course, I am afraid to commit to a date because who knows what will come up between now and then and the location means committing to the associated costs.

I would love to say I got over all these fears, quit making excuses, and signed up for a race … but I can’t. Continue reading


I was bummed when I looked at forecast and saw we would be blessed with rain on Friday.  It killed all my intentions of spending my entire off-day outdoors, savoring the beautiful 60 degree weather I have been longing.  I am SOOO tired of hearing how warm it is when talking to my family back home.

One of the many activities I planned for my Friday off was a run.  Sometime between college and the present, I developed a deep fondness for running.  I am not sure where it came from because I remember absolutely despising it.  Sometimes I use running to clear my head.  Sometime I use running as an excuse to get outside.   Sometimes I force myself to run just to stay up with it.  I now realize runner’s high is a real thing.

Since moving to New York my running has gone by the wayside.  I first used the cold as an excuse.  Yea, there are hard core people out here who run in the cold but proper gear is a must.  I don’t want to loose an appendage.  Now that it is warming up, I need to make a commitment and get back into it.  If I don’t begin again, the excuses are going to begin piling high.  I really have no excuse since Hoboken has a running path right on the Hudson River with beautiful views.  A break in running really kills me mentally.  I truthfully get scared of running and don’t think I can do it anymore.

I had psyched myself up all week for a run and refused to let a little rain get in the way.  I took off for my run in the morning when it was only sprinkling.  I was immediately glad I did.  I ran through the streets exploring Hoboken and returned along the river.  It felt great and gave me just the accomplished feeling I needed to allow me to enjoy the remainder of the day on the couch.  

My Hoboken running adventures will have to wait because the next two weeks I will be jumping around all over the place.  By all over the place, I mean Denver to Johnson to Rocky Ford to Houston to Dallas to San Francisco.  I am excited about each location but more ESTATIC about the people I get to see at each including my grandparents, sister, niece, cousins, aunts, uncles, mom and a dear friend from college.  Maybe I should set a goal of running in each city?