This post has been sitting in my draft folder partially written for over two months. I couldn’t decide if anyone would really care.  Then I received messages from multiple people asking for tips and recipes for completing the Whole30.  So here it is …

About 2 years ago, a friend introduced me to the Whole30. I am always leery of fad diets and quick to point out the flaws.  HOWEVER, this friend happens to be a dietician and clearly knows more than me so I listened.  She was specifically talking about how much more energy she has had and how her complexion has noticeably cleared up since changing her eating.  The Whole30 program has since blown up in popularity, which I believe is a testament to its effectiveness.

According the Whole30 website, the program is “a short-term nutritional reset designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.” The idea is some foods groups could be wreaking havoc to your body and you don’t’ even realize it.  The program asks you to cut out legumes, grains, sugar (of any form), dairy and alcohol for 30 days.  Like Paleo but stricter.  During the 30 days your body will heal and recover from the harm caused by these food groups.  After your body is clean, you are supposed to reintroduce these foods one at a time to see which food groups affect you personally.

After learning about the program I went home, did some research and began. I had no hopes or desires to lose weight.  I just wanted to start from scratch and feel good.

I would be lying to you if I told you I noticed my acne had cleared up, I was sleeping better, my digestive system improved or I had more energy and focus. I most definitely did not find the program cured a disease I had.  Yes, people do claim all of these and some.

What I can say is I feel dramatically better. My cravings have decreased significantly.  In the past I have been told, “I can’t imagine what you will be like pregnant considering the cravings you have now”.  During the 30 days, I developed an appreciation for real food.  Somehow food just tasted better.  In fact, I did not miss the foods I had eliminated so I kept going.

Since doing my first Whole30, I am much more conscious of what is in food. I would say I eat Whole30 75% of the time.  Every once in a while I fall off a cliff just to remind myself how bad it feels.  I have fully completed the program at least one (maybe two) other time and partially a handful of times.  I have not yet completed the “reintroduction phase” but still intend to.

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New Orleans

Last week Keith worked in Dallas so he headed to New Orleans Thursday evening for a getaway.  Friday I arrived in New Orleans around 10:00 a.m. and found my way downtown to meet Keith via the local bus system.  It only costs $2.00!

Upon my arrival, it immediately began raining pouring.  We tried to wait it out under an awning but the anticipation of seeing New Orleans was killing me so we attempted to both fit under our umbrella but we were getting way too wet way too fast.  We gave in and purchased some oh so fashionable ponchos.  We essentially walked around with large blue trash bags over us.

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Vegetables for Breakfast

In the recent years I have developed an obsession for vegetables.  Don’t get me wrong I have never been that person who steers clear of all things green but I never went out of my way to ensure I had vegetables on my plate.  It all started as an attempt to be healthy but now my body craves vegetable. Keith jokes (and probably fears) I will become a vegetarian but I constantly remind him I will never be able to abandon my beef upbringing.

My most recent vegetable related phenomenon isn’t a type of vegetable or how to cook them but when to eat them.  BREAKFAST!  I don’t know about you but when I think about breakfast I think a variation of eggs; bacon, sausage or ham; and typically toast, waffles or pancakes.  in the past the closest I came to incorporating vegetables in breakfast was onion and peppers in an omelet.  Maybe if I was daring I would add a little spinach.  Who wrote the breakfast rules?  I should give some credit and say I am impressed by the trend to add greens to smoothies and avocados on eggs and toast trends. But why stop there?


I love to sauté green beans, kale, squash, zucchini, asparagus and broccoli in a pan, remove it and use the same pan to cook eggs.  No additional dishes required!  I try to keep frozen steamer bags of vegetables at all times. They are easy and can be cooked in the microwave at the same time as your eggs.  No additional time required!  Do you have leftover vegetables from dinner the night before?  Cut them up and add them to an omelet. I have even added spinach and butternut squash to oatmeal.

Breakfast is most likely the meal you eat at home.  Why not load your body with good stuff when you have control?  Try it and let me know what you think.