Second Trip Ever to Nebraska

It is crazy that I lived in a bordering state to Nebraska almost my entire life but had never stepped foot in the cornhusker state.  This changed in May when I made my first trip to Nebraska to be in a wedding.  On this trip, I fell in love with bride’s family.  I assume I enjoyed her family because they remind me of my own family.  Specifically, I loved the four sisters.  Did I say they remind me of my own family? Each sister is fabulous on their own but observing the way they interact with each other makes them a million times better.  Being around them really makes me reflect on my sisters and I’s relationship.  Needless to say I knew the May trip would not be my last trip to Nebraska.

Over Labor Day weekend I made my second trip ever to Nebraska.  Micaela (the bride referred to above) picked me up from the airport Thursday evening and we drove to her home in Lindsay to get my country fix.

Friday morning we took Micaela’s new puppy to the vet.  I personally don’t care for dogs (don’t judge!) but how can you not laugh at the little conundrum he got himself into.


After the vet we spent time with Micaela’s grandma.  I love observing how invested she is in each grandkids’ life and in turn how each grandkid adores her.  Another reminder of my own family!  Of course the visit only made me miss own grandparents more.

We then headed to Omaha for a wedding.  Micaela’s sister and long-term boyfriend announced on Monday they were getting married on Friday.  No they were not engaged prior!  Such taboo in a small town right?  They invited only immediately family, a few friends, AND ME to an impromptu ceremony in the park followed by a casual dinner.  I was amazed by the amount of family that showed up on a moments notice (it probably helped they didn’t have to dress up).  To say I enjoyed the wedding oh so much would be an understatement.  Secretly, I think I am envious of the couples spontaneity and carefree attitude I will never have no matter how much I try.


Micaela and I spent the day relaxing at her great-aunt’s house on Saturday.  Her aunt was one of the family members I had not met the first trip but I also fell in love with her. Her caring but fun personality reminded me a lot of my own great-aunt.  The majority of our time was spent watching and chasing the puppy … but we made sure to find time to kayak.  Is it necessary to mention they forced me to watch the Husker game?  (YAY!  College football is back.  Boo!  Being surrounded by red.)


Finally!!!  We woke bright and early Sunday to run our half marathon!  (Stay tuned for details.)

Upon returning home from the eventful weekend, I was a little bummed to return to an empty house BUT my husband made up for it by showing up with a little piece of Kansas.


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  1. I abosolutely love this! So sad to have missed you but I hope your love for Nebraska brings you back becuase I would love to see you! Hope all is well girl!

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