I was bummed when I looked at forecast and saw we would be blessed with rain on Friday.  It killed all my intentions of spending my entire off-day outdoors, savoring the beautiful 60 degree weather I have been longing.  I am SOOO tired of hearing how warm it is when talking to my family back home.

One of the many activities I planned for my Friday off was a run.  Sometime between college and the present, I developed a deep fondness for running.  I am not sure where it came from because I remember absolutely despising it.  Sometimes I use running to clear my head.  Sometime I use running as an excuse to get outside.   Sometimes I force myself to run just to stay up with it.  I now realize runner’s high is a real thing.

Since moving to New York my running has gone by the wayside.  I first used the cold as an excuse.  Yea, there are hard core people out here who run in the cold but proper gear is a must.  I don’t want to loose an appendage.  Now that it is warming up, I need to make a commitment and get back into it.  If I don’t begin again, the excuses are going to begin piling high.  I really have no excuse since Hoboken has a running path right on the Hudson River with beautiful views.  A break in running really kills me mentally.  I truthfully get scared of running and don’t think I can do it anymore.

I had psyched myself up all week for a run and refused to let a little rain get in the way.  I took off for my run in the morning when it was only sprinkling.  I was immediately glad I did.  I ran through the streets exploring Hoboken and returned along the river.  It felt great and gave me just the accomplished feeling I needed to allow me to enjoy the remainder of the day on the couch.  

My Hoboken running adventures will have to wait because the next two weeks I will be jumping around all over the place.  By all over the place, I mean Denver to Johnson to Rocky Ford to Houston to Dallas to San Francisco.  I am excited about each location but more ESTATIC about the people I get to see at each including my grandparents, sister, niece, cousins, aunts, uncles, mom and a dear friend from college.  Maybe I should set a goal of running in each city?

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