Our History

In preparation for the upcoming nuptials (13 days!) I thought it would be fun to recap Keith and I’s history.

Keith and I work for the same agency and hold identical positions. In the beginning, he was working in Syracuse and I in Wichita. We were both in Chicago for a work related class. The routine at these work classes is to introduce yourselves with your name, work location and time on the job. These facts were as much as I knew about him at the end of the week when I returned to Wichita. Yes, Keith and I did not speak one word to each other all week. We never went to lunch with the same group, we were never forced to make small talk while waiting for coffee in the break room, never caught a taxi back to the hotel together and never went out with the same group at night.

Luckily for us the agency sends us to a lot of classes in Chicago. Our second chance class went similarly to the first until the last night when a large group of us went out. On this night we FINALLY spoke and probably had to remind each other of our names. We had fun but neither of us returned back to our home with our hearts about to beat out of our chest. At this point I would have summed him up as smart, nice and very “city looking”.

Time to time Keith would message me on an instant message software at work and we would hold small talk. Both us specifically remember him messaging me on an unusually warm Kansas day in January to find out I was BBQ-ing. Keith was baffled that it could get warm enough to grill in January. He provided a typical Keith response of “so you are scraping char off your grill and I am scraping ice off my windshield”? I jokingly invited him to come to Kansas and he said he definitely would. I have since learned Keith is true to his word.

Over time the small talk turned into VERY long talks. We both knew it made no sense to talk to someone across the country the other barely knew. We reminded each other there was nothing rational about the situation and we both are very rational people. One day he spontaneously booked a flight to Wichita for my birthday weekend. Completely crazy! What if I’m getting catfished? I can’t do this! But he already paid for the ticket! What will I do when he gets on my nerves? What are we going to do all weekend? Oh No! I picked him up despite my reservations and was taken aback when I discovered he had researched restaurants in Wichita and made a reservation. I had a great birthday.

Next it was my turn to visit him. He absolutely despised Syracuse so instead I visit to his old stomping grounds in NYC. To keep things a surprise he planned and planned and planned the details of this trip with absolutely no input from me. Unfortunately, 99% of the places he took me to I responded with “oh I’ve been here with my cousin on my only other trip to NYC”.  We both had a great time anyway!


After these initial visits we continued to use our traveling job to our advantage. He came to ride 4 wheelers, climb the sand dunes and go up Pikes Peak in Colorado. I got my first taste of New England with a driving tour from Boston to Portland Maine to Providence Rhode Island and back to Boston.  I almost froze at Niagara Falls.  We actually enjoyed Chicago together before spending the weekend walking ALL around Milwaukee.  Crashed in Philadelphia so we could eat crab in Baltimore.  Ran D.C.  Cheered on the Pokes in Oklahoma.  Biked across Denver.  Strolled through Vermont before learning a little French in Montreal.  In between these glorious trips we spent a lot of time relaxing in Wichita and enjoying all NYC has to offer.










Many frequent flyer miles later we are both ready to slow down and enjoy the day to day ups and downs together. You can guarantee that is not the last of our traveling adventures.


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  1. I loved reading this, and I love the pictures!! My favorite line… “At this point I would have summed him up as smart, nice and very ‘city looking’.”

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