Our 4th of July in Pictures

I had been looking forward to having a 3 day weekend with nothing to do.  I wanted to knock items off my ever expanding “to do” list and have a great desire to just relax. This weekend was far from the relaxing weekend I had envisioned, but we definitely had a great 4th of July weekend.  I am not sure words are sufficient to describe what experincing 4th of July in NYC was like.  So instead, I am going to piggyback off a blog idea I liked and summarize our weekend with 3 words per picture.

I attempted tennis

 Hiked Bear Mountain

The rock conqueror

Kansas City BBQ

 Packed like sardines

Where is Waldo?

FDNY water show

28th floor balcony

Love him anyway

 Macy’s firework barges

 The best seats

The main event

3 thoughts on “Our 4th of July in Pictures

  1. Beautiful!!! So enjoy learning a new life style through your young eyes. I feel like I get to share in a new way of life.

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