New Year’s Resolutions

I was going to create the usual cliché post about the New Year but didn’t get around to it by the 1st and gave up on the entire idea. And then I saw a photo with the caption “it will still be 2016 tomorrow” and brought the idea back to life.

Typically, the New Year approaches and my life continues as it was before. I don’t resolve to lose weight, spend less, or read more.  This year is a little bit different.  I have recently spent a good amount of time reflecting back on the many major changes I made in the last year.  Some of the changes were easy, others not so easy, a few were hard as hell, and many more I am still adjusting to.

When reflecting, I recognize there are small things I can do to make the adjusting easier and life in general more enjoyable.

Stay busy and do more –  Most people know I can only sit on the couch for about 10 minutes before I find myself suddenly getting up to do something or finding something to read.  However, lately I find myself sitting and doing nothing more and more.  In addition, I regretfully must say I have not taken advantage of the many opportunities living in the city presents.  I am aware staying busy helps my attitude tremendously and let’s be honest my attitude can always use a little help.

Meet people – I might be the most introverted person ever.  I typically welcome the idea of being alone. But everyone needs a little bit of social activity in their life SOMETIMES.  Meeting people in New York has been one tough task for many reasons.  First, the typical “lets meet for drinks” does not attract me.  Second, between June and November I was traveling each and every week for work.  The travel restricted me from joining any weekday groups or activities.  Keith has done his part to “make friends for us” but when I am home for the weekend, I just want to enjoy being home when not preparing for hitting the road again Monday. I still don’t like bars but this year I no longer have the traveling excuse since I won’t be out of town as much.  I am not sure how yet but somehow someway I will make friends.  My not so introverted husband has big ideas for this … we will see how they work out.

Judge less – Attempting to judge less has been a continuous battle for me.  I am aware the dark negative cloud is lifted when you are not focused on how others dress, what others do, or what others say.  In addition, when I care less about others, I am not near as worried about what others think of me.  I have made strides on this since moving to New York.  Judging is much more difficult in a city where there is one of every kind.  However, I will probably always have room to improve in this category.

I can only hope 2016 is full of as many great memories as 2015.


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Just lovely!!! Clara, don’t be so hard on yourself…no one is perfect and a point in your favor is that you are smart enough to recognize that you have areas to improve….did I really just write that??? I ‘m not all that sure your assessment of Clara Grace is valid–hard to be objective
    and not rationalize away items that pop up. (WELL anyway–good luck with your diy project and that is enough on THAT subject!!)

    I do want to wish the 2 of you a belated ‘Happy Anniversary’…hope you did something special and I will add a wish for many more happy days..years….Your pictures are always enjoyed and appreciated…and there is that ocean again…I guess it’s always there or close by…so enjoy…
    ..You are so cute together; I look forward to meeting Keith……….Love you both…Grammi J

  2. Lov the pictures u have posted & the blog u have written for us to read & enjoy Tks because we do enjoy these

    • Thank You! I always want to include at least one picture and just didn’t know what to include for this one. I finally decided on a picture of the way we began the year, the middle of the year and the way we ended the year.

  3. My mom asked about you the other day and I LOVED getting to tell her all about you! Or at least what I know from the blog! Ha! Love reading these! Miss you!

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