New Orleans

Last week Keith worked in Dallas so he headed to New Orleans Thursday evening for a getaway.  Friday I arrived in New Orleans around 10:00 a.m. and found my way downtown to meet Keith via the local bus system.  It only costs $2.00!

Upon my arrival, it immediately began raining pouring.  We tried to wait it out under an awning but the anticipation of seeing New Orleans was killing me so we attempted to both fit under our umbrella but we were getting way too wet way too fast.  We gave in and purchased some oh so fashionable ponchos.  We essentially walked around with large blue trash bags over us.



Ready to take on the rain we began a self-led walking tour of the city.  We walked through the French Quarter to Frenchmen Street to see where the locals hang.  We than walked on to the Lower 9th Ward to see the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and resulting recovery efforts.  After walking until our feet were about to fall off, we were disappointed to discover the two bridges connecting the Upper 9th Ward to Lower 9th Ward do not allow pedestrians.  We returned to the French Quarter to spend the remainder of the evening hopping in and out of art galleries.



Saturday our self-led walking tour continued in the opposite direction towards The Warehouse District, Garden District and Uptown.  We stopped at Lafayette Cemetery #1, admired the historical mansions and sampled taffy from the infamous Roman Candy cart.  Boy do New Orleanians embrace their beads.  When we reached Uptown, my feet couldn’t handle any more walking so we returned to the French Quarter via the bus system.




Somehow we made it back to the French Quarter just in time to see a naked bike tour.  Yup!!!  Men and women riding bicycles fully nude or very close.  DISGUSTING!  Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy the French Quarter in the slightest.  I felt like I sinned just walking down Bourbon Street.  There were too many people and more specifically too many drunk people.  Yes, I am naïve but I like it that way.

We did have some tasty food while in New Orleans attempting to try local dishes when available.  Here are some highlights …

Muffaletta and a pork belly sandwich from Cochon Butcher.  Keith and I always split dishes and we were definitely glad we did since we couldn’t decide which sandwich was best.  The muffaletta was simply delicious and the mint and cucumber paired with the pork belly was a to die for combination.   A tasty sandwich will always win my heart.


Boudin balls accompanied with shrimp and grits cake at Boucherie.  This was definitely a fancier spin on shrimp and grits but we were not complaining.


Good ole Étouffée.  Keith expects me to make this for him this week.  We will see …


AND last but not least chargrilled oysters.  My mom insisted we get these.  I was reluctant since we are fans of raw oysters.  So rich and so delicious!

Our trip to New Orleans was fast and furious but just long enough.  Although I did enjoy experiencing a new culture, I think I missed what all the New Orleans hype is about.  It is safe to say I will not be planning a return trip to New Orleans.

Hope you are having a good week!


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