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I am finally caving in and posting the overdo pictures of our home.  Everyone keeps asking me to share photos but I have been reluctant since it isn’t fully decorated.  Let’s be honest, it will never be fully decorated.  Plus capturing photos at the right angle to accurately depict what things look like is hard work.  I definitely did not do our place justice.  

I should start by saying we live in a “condo”, which is best explained as an apartment we own.  At about 700 sf it is about the size of apartments I have lived in.  There are 9 units in our building (two on each floor with the exception of one).  We pay monthly HOA fees to cover maintenance of common areas.  This means if something is wrong outside of our walls we call and complain rather then fix it.  If we need to fix the roof or change the facade it must come out of the HOA reserve fund or the monthly fees have to increase.  Don’t worry we looked at the HOA financials prior to purchase.

Now we will begin the ENTIRE home tour … 

Our “stoop”.

This is where I sit when I return from a run and too out of breath to make it up 4 flights of stairs.  Yup!  You read that right.  Everyday and multiple times a day we climb 4 flights of stairs.  No elevator!  Not even if we have groceries, suitcases or furniture.

Once your reach the 5th and top floor it isn’t hard to tell which door is ours.

Welcome to our home!

Our living room and kitchen are open to each other.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of kitchen cabinet space we have.  There is no way we will ever fill them.

As you can tell all the rooms are all in a row.  If you look in the back of the kitchen photo the door next to the washer and dryer is our bathroom.

Keith and I disagree on the bathroom.  I don’t see the point to having a tub when the space could be better utilized with double sinks or a cabinet.  Keith loves having the “hot tub” and would have it no other way.

The tiny shower is to the right of the sink but I could not seem to get a decent photo.

If you continue down the hallway, you will find the “den”.  We intended to put a twin bed here, which would make the room look much larger.  But who wants to sleep on a twin?  So we put a full size.  It is not an extra bedroom because there is no door but it sure beats our visitors paying several hundred bucks for a hotel room in NYC.

 P.S. Keith’s shelving project will replace this desk IF he ever gets them done.  I also must say I promise it is not normally that messy.  

When purchasing the home I thought one of the major drawbacks would be the only clothes closet being in the den.  This has not been much of an issue on routine days but in the instances when we have company sleeping in the den it is inconvenient.  I am just thankful our closet is large enough to handle both Keith and I’s clothes comfortably.

And the last and final room is the neglected bedroom.  These pictures make it look tiny but really it is good sized.  If you look closely out the door you can see all the way to end end of the living room where we began the tour.

  A couple things I did not photograph …

We have A LOT of storage! Above the washer and dryer, in the bathroom and above the closet we have huge storage cubbies.  Of course, this storage is for the items we don’t need on a daily since it requires a ladder.  In addition, the basement is unfinished with enough storage for all the building tenants.

The light is amazing!  The benefits of climbing 4 flights of stairs to the top floor is 14 foot ceilings and skylights in the kitchen, bathroom and den.   I often find myself trying to turn off the lights to save electricity only to realize none are on.

Outdoor Space!  Our small backyard is considered common space but there is no sign of use by anyone but us.  We use it at least every weekend if not more for barbecuing.

It’s definitely not what I pictured my first home to look like and not comparable to what my friends are purchasing in cities like Wichita, Minneapolis, or Dallas.  But we are very appreciative for what we have and could not be happier.

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