Martha’s Vineyard

We took advantage of our traveling job again and went on a “subsidized” daytrip to Martha’s Vineyard.

It seems going to Martha’s Vineyard is a pretty common summer trip in the Northeast.  Who would have known?

We boarded a ferry in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  The ferry took about 45 minutes to get us to the island.   Upon arriving on the island we darted immediately for seafood.  Imagine that!  We devoured boiled quahogs (I learned these are basically large clams and don’t ask me how to pronounce it), mussels and lobster with a cup of lobster bisque.  I am typically a fan of the simplest food and steamed seafood fits that mold perfectly.  BUT not this time!  The lobster bisque stole the show!  It was so good we contemplated bringing some back with us but the logistics didn’t allow for it.

After lunch we headed directly to a bike shop to rent bicycles.  When Keith mentioned this idea I thought to myself, “riding bikes across the island sounds like a fabulous leisurely way to see the island and get some exercise in.”  Wrong!  I guess I forget islands are one massive hill.  Thinking back, I am not sure I have ever rode a bike up a substantial hill before this.  My thighs definitely didn’t remember if I did.The scenery on the ride reminded me a lot of the mountains in Colorado.  Sorry I did not take pictures … I was a touch busy trying to stay upright.

When we finally arrived on the other side of the island, I was famished again.  This worked out perfect because this town is known for having cheap seafood compared to the towns on the east side of the island.  We stopped at a seafood shack that was so crowded with people we couldn’t move, which I always assume is a good sign.  We enjoyed more boiled lobster and littlenecks (the smaller clams).  The lobster was PHENOMENAL!  I could have made myself sick eating it.  Keith even proclaimed it to be the best lobster he has ever had.  And if the food wasn’t good enough, how cute are the lobster cages used for tables and benches?And because I am not quitter, I refused to put the bike on the public bus so we made the 12 mi trek back across the island.

After returning the bikes, we walked 3 miles to the town of Oak Bluffs.  We first stumbled across the infamous “gingerbread cottages”.  I felt like I was walking in a fairytale.Oak Bluffs was very busy with people grabbing dinner after their day on the beaches.  We enjoyed trying to guess if everyone was a year round resident, summer resident or just vacationing for a short period of time.

I am not sure we could afford to spend a night on the island so we made sure to catch the last ferry back to the mainland.

As luxurious as Martha’s Vineyard is, I can’t wait for the upcoming real vacation to Kansas.

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