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In our prior lives, Keith and I both lived in apartments with a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture.  In fact, you probably would have assumed we were college kids if just entering our places unaware of who the occupants were.  So when Keith and I were home searching, we spent hours discussing our dreams of decorating OUR home.

To allow our dreams of having an adult looking home to come to fruition, we attempted to start off with as clean of a slate as possible.  The previous owners had recently remodeled our condo leaving no renovations or painting needed.   They also left us their bedroom furniture and a desk. Keith brought his gently used couch and I brought my homemade coffee table.  The remainder of our furniture was sold, pawned off or trashed.  We also put all our decorations in storage until we had a direction for our style leaving our walls almost bare.

Our home improvement progress began strong with the purchase of a bed frame for the den.  Priority #1 = prepare for visitors!  And then … progress halted… and we resumed our prior life of living in a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture.

Until this past week!

Last week we ordered bamboo blinds for the den and bedroom.  Keith installed them and is very proud of his installation.

We also ordered one wedding photo for the wall.  We could not make decisions on the remainder.  It came in THE NEXT DAY! and we hung it immediately.  We spontaneously ordered the modern metallic instead of the intended tried and true canvas wrap and the risk definitely paid off.  (FYI: mpix is  offering 20% off everything through June 10th with promo code ENTIRESITE15)

AND Keith began making floating shelves for his attempt to create a built-in desk to replace the current leftover hunk.  We spent the weekend in his hometown where his stepdad guided him on his first woodwork project (YUP! 100% city boy).  Unfortunately, as usual the weekend wasn’t long enough so the shelves remain half made on our floor.  But Hey!  Progress is progress.

 I know these all probably sound very minor to most of you go getters but it is a drastic improvement and large steps for us.  Thankfully, our condo is only 700 sf and won’t take too much.  Let’s just hope the inertia continues!

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  1. Don’t forget to take before and after photos so you can remember how far you’ve come!! Love reading your updates!!!

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