Half Marathon

I hate to admit it but I am the queen of excuses. A lot of this stems from my fear to commit.  Perfect example: I’ve expressed a desire to run a half marathon for about forever but have not done it.  First, I didn’t want to run the race by myself. I said I needed someone to share the enjoyment and achievement with me. Keith agreed to run but didn’t plan on training. This wasn’t enough because I wanted someone to hold me accountable and discuss the pains of training leading up to the run. A coworker in Wichita planned to run a race and invited me. Unfortunately, the race was on a four-day weekend and I wanted to keep the weekend open for potential plans. Then, another coworker from Omaha agreed to train simultaneously with me and meet up in whatever location to run the race together. Of course, I am afraid to commit to a date because who knows what will come up between now and then and the location means committing to the associated costs.

I would love to say I got over all these fears, quit making excuses, and signed up for a race … but I can’t. However, despite not knowing where I will run, I finally caved in and began following this well-known training program. I am hopeful if I have devoted the time and effort to training I will follow through with the race.

The program requires me to run three short runs during the week. On Saturdays I complete long runs beginning at 4 miles and increasing the distance by one mile each week until reaching 13 miles on the race day.  Sunday I cross train and the remaining two days of the week I rest (thank gosh!). I am currently on week 4 and after week one have so stuck to the schedule religiously. On the schedule for this Saturday was a 7 mile run. EEEEK! I realized I needed to alter the schedule by running the 7 miles on Friday since it is supposed to rain Saturday morning and we are going to beach in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the town I am working in has no decent places to run.  This meant I would have to run 7 miles on the treadmill.  Running 7 miles (approximately an hour) is INTIMIDATING.  Running 7 miles on a treadmill is EXTRA INTIMIDATING.

BUT I did it!  Now I feel accomplished and can enjoy my weekend without the long run looming over my head.

Half MarathonStay tuned for the actual race details.

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