Half Marathon Update

I finally signed up for a half marathon after wanting to run one forever.  The race is in Omaha Nebraska on Sunday September 6th.  Accompanying me we will be a good friend and coworker, Micaela.

I am amazed at how well training has gone.  I attribute most of this to my need for structure.  Following a schedule is right up my alley.  I have had to make some changes to the schedule including deleting a full week once I finally nailed down a race date.  The others have been more minor changes based on my daily schedule.

I should admit training hasn’t been all roses.  One week I was unable to achieve the 9 mile goal I set out for.  I was extremely frustrated and felt defeated.  I had signed up for the race prior to heading out for that run and immediately started thinking that was a mistake.  I guess it just wasn’t my week because the following week I ran 10 miles just fine.  The feeling of accomplishment was back.

half marathon

This morning, I will run my last long run prior to the race.  If I can run 12 miles today, surely I can run 13.1 miles the following weekend right?!?!

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