Grenada Part 2

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Now for the real purpose of this post …

Upon arriving at the resort our room was not yet ready so like the fatties we are, we immediately found food.  Our first meal was at “Spices”, which is a restaurant specializing in local fare.  Grenada is a leading producer of many spices including nutmeg (second largest producer behind Indonesia), cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, and allspice.

I don’t think I ever stopped eating after this first meal.  Everyday I had a full breakfast of fruit, omelets, sausage, bacon, plantains, and (not or!) french toast to hold me over until lunch.  Lunch typically included pizza and a beef patty.  I was a frequent visitor to the popcorn machine where I drizzled my popcorn with various flavored olive oils (rosemary, basil, garlic, chili).  Bakeries and all things sweet are my weakness.  I sampled each cookie, cake and pastry at least once if not more.  I supported the local economy with my large intake of nutmeg ice cream.  Keith and I were both frequent visitors of the cookie jar conveniently located on our way to the pool.  We visited the steakhouse twice for dinner … you just can’t beat a filet and lobster.  We also visited the Italian, French and Japanese steakhouse.  Keith ate sushi on multiple occasions after our formal dinners while I enjoyed dessert.  Of the ten restaurants at the resort, the only restaurant we did not visit at least once was the pub.

The drinks were just as abundant as the food.  Anything we wanted and as much as we wanted.  Mojitos quickly became Keith’s regular drink during the day.  At night he made the switch to Crown Royal with a splash of grapefruit juice.  I stuck with my tried and true coffee and water.

At first I found it awkward to not carry a purse or have to pay at the end of a meal.  Do you just get up and leave?  We often waited for the server to come take our plates so we could say goodbye and verify we did not need to settle up for anything.  This experience almost fulfilled the odd desire I have always had to dine and dash (don’t worry I wouldn’t actually do it).  By the end we were so comfortable with the concept it was weird not being able to just grab food at the airport counter as we wished without paying.

The resort had three freshwater pools and 2 river pools.  Most the action was centered at one pool with the swim-up.  This is where we found ourselves posting up the majority of pool time.


I do sit still well.  Keith will not admit this but I am sure it drove him nuts.  A minute after we laid our towels down I was jumping up to go do something or get something.  I made sure we remained active.  We played water volleyball at least once each day and everyday at 4:00 we headed to the beach for sand volleyball.  I drug Keith out of bed bright and early one morning to go paddle boarding.  Unfortunately, the powerful “Kansas like” wind made it difficult impossible.  After being saved from the wind, we immediately hopped on a boat for a snorkeling adventure.  St. Patrick’s Day is also Grenada Day, which we celebrated with trivia, scavenger hunts and ring tosses.  The last day of our vacation we discovered shuffle board.  I dominated of course!  Bingo, ping pong and pool were a few of the other many activities that kept us busy.


We didn’t have cell service during our trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed this “inconvenience” except missing out on the many birthday wishes I received.  Keith as always had something up his sleeve for a birthday a surprise.  When unpacking after our arrival at the resort, I discovered a purse I had been wanting, hidden in my suitcase.  I later discovered he had videotaped each time I looked into the suitcase hoping to catch my reaction.

We spent my birthday on a Jeep excursion around the island of Grenada.  Not a bad day!  We stood in the back of a jeep while a local Islander showed us around Grenada.  Our tour guide provided us with a true unfiltered picture of what life on the island is like.  He described all the islanders as being 100% carefree but I am not convinced everyone can be as laid back as he was.



During the excursion, we stopped at a hot sulfur spring to soak.  While there, our guide gathered cocoa beans and nutmeg to show us what they looked like, how they are used and how they taste unprocessed.  We then stopped to see a monkey who I bravely let crawl up my arm to get a banana.  We were informed the monkey sightings are becoming rare as islanders have began eating monkey.

Our excursion ended with a raft ride down the river.  The rafting guides explained the river was lower then normal since the island was short on rain (clearly they have never been to Kansas).  As much as I like a thrill, the slow pace of the ride allowed us to fully soak in the surrounding nature.





Each evening after beach volleyball we returned to our room to clean up for the night.  It amazed me how everyone at the resort transformed from beach bum casual during the day to almost formal and fancy at night.  The entire resort seemed to morph into a romantic scene.  As usual, I retired to bed early most nights except on our last night when I stayed up to watch the staff talent show.  I was amazed at the amount of effort the staff put into this show.  They did not disappoint.

By the end of the trip we seemed to know everyone at the resort.  The staff knew us both by name and room number.  It was a little alarming when they began yelling out our name in the microphone and signing us up for activities.  I also would have never imagined the number of guests we became close with.  We could not sit down for a meal or walk to our room without stopping to have a conversation with guests we had familiarity with.


Thankfully, it was raining the day we left making the departure a LITTLE more bearable.  We were still very sad to leave.  I think my body about when into shock when it began snowing just after we arrived home.  Mark my words, I am moving somewhere with warm weather year round.  For now I will try to be content with the arrival of Spring.


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  1. I just caught up with all rthis–WHERE have I been? I really needed to read this —(dying of boredom–my own fault). I loved reading about your trip and your activiities and thoughts——so fun to have YOU share with all of us…Keep up the good work……………………..

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