Father’s Day Weekend Fun

Why does the rain always comes when I am not working and have the chance to be outdoors?  This weekend we had plans to spend Saturday having fun outdoors and of course rain crept its way into the weather forecast.  We took our chances and headed out anyway …

Hoboken has several small playgrounds and “green spaces” along the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan.  Green spaces are loved in the city.  Trust me!  If the temperature hits 75, every square inch of green space will be covered with people.  To get a good spot you have to get out early and beat the crowd.  Luckily for us the rainy forecast meant we had plenty of room.  This pier is perfect (if you ignore the cloudy weather) with a playground for big kids and another for younger kids towards the back, a small yard of grass, and stadium seats below the grass.


The playground equipment in NYC is much better then the equipment I played on as a child.  I am not sure Keith, Mimi or I enjoyed playing on it more.


After working up an appetite on the playground we set up for a picnic.


I caught up on my reading while Amelia and Keith goofed around.  The way they play together nonstop melts my heart.  They truly enjoy spending every moment together.  Unfortunately, the rain eventually picked up enough to chase us back indoors.  Bummer!


Sunday morning Amelia gave Keith his Father’s Day gift.  I went cheap/creative on the wrapping paper.  I wrapped the gift in white printer paper and let Amelia color all her favorite things to do with her dad along with the things he likes.  According to her, she loves playing at the park with him and his favorite things are basketball and ties.  It just so happens his gift was a tie and dress socks.  I have always given my grandpa ties for Father’s Day.  I thought it would perfect to continue the tradition with the other man who has my heart.

And there is no better ending to a weekend then a nice church service.




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