Family Vacation

We just got back from a much needed trip to Southwest Kansas and Southeast Colorado.  The excitement building up to this trip was intense.  I of course always love being home and surrounded by family.  In addition, this was Mimi’s first trip to the area and first time to meet most the family.

Here is a quick recap of our experience.

My little sister graciously picked us up from the airport and hauled us to see the new nephew, Myles.  I guess I was too excited to see him and forgot to take pictures.  Whoops!

We then proceeded with the drive to southwest Kansas.  Nothing is better than 5 hours in a car to catch up with the little sister.  We broke the trip up only once to kidnap my niece whom I have been missing something crazy.  The backseat passengers were knocked by the time we arrived at my grandparent’s house in the wee hours of the morning.


I on the other hand was unable to sleep due to the anticipation of seeing my grandparents.  I hopped right out of bed the moment I heard grandpa stirring in the kitchen. Reluctantly I shared all 3 grandparents with the little girls.


We spent a full afternoon and evening playing hard at my cousin’s house.  What is not to enjoy about swimming, baseball, ping pong and good company?



The fun continued in Colorado where Mimi was introduced to a whole new world of animals.  Carsyn immediately showed her the chickens and taught her to collect eggs.  Mimi was not quite brave enough to feed the cows but managed to sort of kind of pet one.  She definitely did not enjoy the experience and was ready to run after it was over.  Saying Mimi was not a fan of grasshoppers, toads or crawdads might be putting it mildly.  I am not exactly sure how she made it through the trip.  Carsyn on the other hand has not a fear in the world.



Four wheelers were more of Mimi’s thing.


My mom indulged me by cooking steaks.  I must admit, I ate two not so small steaks and was not the least bit embarrassed when others couldn’t eat half of one.  Again, I was too excited to take photos.

I was honored to have a couple of cousins make the trip to Colorado to see us.  I don’t see them often enough!  Us big kids had our fair share of enjoyment riding four wheelers to explore the countryside too.  Somehow one four wheeler ended up in the canal but thankfully the rider was not harmed.  It was scary at the time but now is just a laughable memory.


Oh and did I mention “The Man Cub” aka Kipling was present for the entire adventure?  He did not lack any attention.


Although our trip was not long enough, we made good use of our time and made sure to enjoy every moment.  Unfortunately, we did not see near everyone I hoped to see.  I guess I will just have to go back and go back soon.  I am not sure we can get Mimi to go back now that she knows the 4 hour flight is followed by a long car drive followed by creatures of every kind, but maybe one day.


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