Thankful Thursday X

I am thankful for college football.  If I had it my way, Saturday’s would consist of getting all errands done in the morning so I can spend the remainder of the day posted up on the couch flipping back and forth between football games. Unfortunately, my weekends seem to always be busy and I have to resort to checking my phone frequently for highlights and updates.  Either way, I get a little more pleasure out of life during football season.

  Go Pokes!

Thankful Thursday IX

This week I am thankful for budgeting.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I am ALWAYS worried about money and I spend frivolously. I worry about the future and what if I need money for something unknown. Neurotic I know! Thankfully, Keith and I merged each of our saving practices and he forced me to begin budgeting immediately after getting married.

Prior to marriage, we both had savings methods but they were very different.

Keith always established an amount he wanted to save and came up with a plan to get there based on what he knew his income and expenses would be for that period of time. If something costs less than anticipated or he received unanticipated money, he considered it a bonus and could splurge however he desired. Example: If Keith received cash for his birthday he would treat himself to a nicer dinner or buy those pants he had been eyeing.

I was completely opposite! I had no idea how much I wanted to save. I just wanted to save everything I possibly could. If I ran across unanticipated money it never crossed my mind to spend it let alone splurge. Example: If I received cash for my birthday it was immediately deposited and forgotten.


Now we are attempting to merge the two methods. Continue reading

Thankful Thursday VIII

This week I am thankful for my suitcase and all the contents.

I am sure you are thinking this is an odd thing to be thankful for. You know how they say you don’t appreciate something until your lost something. It is true! I will try to keep the background story as short as possible.

When leaving for work for the week Keith took my bags downstairs for me. What a good husband right? He did not have keys so he sat my bags behind and to the side of the car. I assumed he put them in the car so I hopped in and drove off with my suitcase, garment bag, and lunch bag on the street.  I didn’t discover this until I went to check in at the hotel and the back of the car was empty. My heart dropped! I immediately called Keith who explained he did not have keys (which he did tell me but I did not make the connection) so couldn’t not put them in the car. He also informed me they were not still on the street when he left for work.

My mind started racing ….


I immediately realized I would have to drive 2.5 hours home after work and be back by 8:00 am. I wasn’t sure if it was too late to cancel the hotel? My suitcase has a luggage tag with my phone number on it. If someone “found” it they would have called by now. It was for sure STOLEN! My computer was in it! My work clothes! I am going to have to pack again tonight. My new running shoes! My jewelry! All my makeup! When am I going to find time to replace all this? My computer has so many pictures on it! Wait, the suitcase alone might be the most missed!

While I was thinking of worst case scenarios Keith was out searching for the bags. He called the police department, went to the apartment complex across the street, and municipal building next door. After receiving an apologetic “no” from each he proceeded to visit each. After exhausting all options he began returning home when he spotted the yellow lunch cooler in the municipal garage. Turns out the maintenance men had seen me drive off and tried to flag me down.

Crisis adverted!  I suddenly could care less about the 5 hours of driving a headed of me.   

Thankful Thursday VII

I am thankful for country music. 

I have never been the biggest music fan.  I don’t purchase or download music. I rely 100% on the radio.

My music listening has dwindled now that I am in the car less often then my Kansas days.  It has diminished to the point I almost feel deprived.  I never would of thought I would say that!

Thankfully, the past couple weeks I have been working in southern New Jersey with a 10 minute drive between the hotel and work.  During those 10 minutes, I get my much needed country music fix.  I crank up the radio and sing (more of a belt) along.  During those 10 minutes, I almost forget where I am at or that I am surrounded by a gazillion people.  It seems like each and every song just speaks to me … even thought it didn’t the first 4,572 times I heard it.

 Now I just need to get Keith and Mimi on board so I don’t have to split the radio time.

Thankful Thursday VI

I am thankful for watermelon.  I can’t get enough!  Unlike some fruit, you can only get watermelon for a short period of each year and thankfully it is that time of the year.  Every time I go to the store, I seek out the cardboard box of melons and begin knocking on a every melon as I hold the honker up to my ear like a child trying to hear the ocean in a seashell.  There aren’t too many things better than cutting open a melon when you get home to discover it is perfectly ripe and sweet.  I have to admit, I have been struggling with having to share my watermelon with Keith.   I consider putting a good portion of the watermelon in his morning smoothie as my good deed of the week.  I recently discovered the deliciousness just happens to pair perfectly with the mint growing on my fire escape.  After writing this, I think I will pick up a watermelon on my way home from working in Southern New Jersey this week.

Thankful Thursday V

This week, I am thankful for my new nephewsHow lucky am I to have two new nephews within a little over a month.

I have never been much of a baby person. Unlike most women, I don’t swoon over babies. In fact, I avoid babies.

This might have changed when I was lucky enough to be in Kansas City when Kipling Rhea was born about one month ago.

I arrived in Kansas City the day after his due date and found myself wondering if I would get to see him but not stressing over it either way.  I thought seeing my family and helping my sister prepare for his arrival was satisfying enough. It is a good thing he came before I left because I am not sure I could have imagined how much the little man would melt my heart.  In case this wasn’t enough…. On Tuesday of this week, Myles Julian entered the world.  Unfortunately, I have not seen this little guy yet and am not sure when I will.  Knowing his dad, he will be quite the character.

 I can’t wait to watch these little guys grow and develop unique personalities. Even more, I can’t wait to see my sister and brother turn into the great parents I know they will be.

Thankful Thursday IV

This week my thoughts of thankfulness came to me in a moment of frustration.

Since moving to NYC, I have purposely driven as little as possible.  1. I hate driving no matter where I am or where I am going so if I can pawn it off on someone else I will.  2. I miss my Jeep and am not a fan of Keith’s hatchback.  3. The roads in the Northeast are atrocious.  I am talking canyons in the middle of the road that might take out your car if hit wrong.  4. Instinct is worthless with the way the roads, highways, turnpikes, freeways and parkways are laid out.  I think I could find my way out of a maze before I could figure out how to get around this area.

Roads don’t do this in Kansas!  (Don’t worry I was not driving when I took this.)  The worst part is the signs don’t help.

I finally couldn’t avoid driving the hatchback anymore … Monday I had to brave driving to my work assignment in Philadelphia.

I am thankful for GPS.  How in the world did people ever get around this part of the country without GPS?  I feel like I have a decent sense of directions but I can’t imagine directing someone to do all the merging, keeping left, keeping right, stay in this lane, turn at this unmarked exit, drive around in a pretzel formation (see above) and swerving I had to do.  Admittedly, I had GPS and still took a wrong turn somewhere.

Thanks to GPS I arrived in Philadelphia … very discombobulated but I arrived.

Now I just need to learn to be more alert when driving. Every second someone is many slamming on their brakes in front of me or cutting me off. A far cry from being almost the only person on the road.

Thankful Thursday III

This week I am thankful for the opportunity to work at home. 

On a typical morning, I try to roll out of bed early to work out.  This is especially tough when Keith is still snoozing away.  When my workout is complete, I make Keith a smoothie before hopping in the shower.  I try to juggle cooking my breakfast while fixing my hair and putting on makeup, hoping I can finish before Keith takes over the bathroom.  I then scarf down breakfast so I can get dressed for the day.  What I choose to wear at that moment better work because I typically don’t have extra time to try on multiple outfits.  I throw my lunch I packed the night before in my bag and head out the door.  Then the half hour to two hour commute begins …

This routine is not bad at all.  BUT when given the opportunity to work at home, I definitely appreciate the change of pace.

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Thankful Thursday II

It is Thankful Thursday again! This week I am going to be materialistic.  It is ok to be materialistic if you are thankful?

Anyways I am thankful for my NEW BAG.

Keith gave me a purse for my birthday.  I loved the purse BUT the style was not ideal for the NYC lifestyle I am attempting to adapt to.  Being the practical person that I am, I could not justify the expense of an unused purse even if it was a gift.  I know I know!  Returning a gift is horrible!

After returning the purse, we both spent an extensive amount of time searching for the ideal bag.  I would pop into random stores while walking home, Keith searched online, we both went shopping, etc.  There were so many candidates but they all seemed to have a downfall.  This one was too small, that one was too large, I can’t fit things in those since they are divided in the middle, it has no compartments, some were not timeless and some were just ugly.

A couple of weeks ago we FINALLY (3 months later) bit the bullet and bought one!!!

Let’s be honest … there is nothing special about the bag …. but it works!  It is a large HUGE black leather tote.  I am able to fit my lunch (and Keith’s lunch), an extra set of walking shoes, umbrella, coffee thermos, water bottle and other necessities in it.  What a relief it is to no longer be carrying multiple bags for all these items.  Oh and did I mention it was cheaper than the original purse? This weekend Keith and I are making a quick trip to New Orleans so I will put the bag to the test.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thankful Thursday

This blog is about me opening up and being honest right?  WELL …. honestly the reason I haven’t posted in almost two months is because I’ve been down in the dumps.  You know those times we all go through?  I have always been taught not to share my negativity with everyone or spread unnecessary worry so I did not consider blogging during this period.

When I was questioning quitting blogging period an encouraging message from a lady in Southwest Kansas was relayed to me.  She reminded me that there are many people who not only enjoy my blog but think highly of me.  Just the positive message I needed at just the right time!

I dumped all of this on you not because I want to raise concerns or want you to feel sorry for me but because all of this spurred the idea for a new blog initiative.  We all know dwelling on negativity only promotes additional negativity right?  So why don’t we dwell on the positive?  Why not share that positive thought in the rare chance it might maybe potentially brighten someone else’s day?

Each week I want to make a conscious effort to acknowledge one thing in my life I am thankful for.  I am hoping this will trigger appreciative thoughts throughout the week and as a result improve my overall attitude.

So here goes week one …

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