Buttermilk Biscuits

I am currently in clean out mode. This means a lot of people are getting picture messages asking if they want an item. I make frequent trips to the dumpster to throw unwanted items out (before I can second guess the decision), and my fridge and freezer are sparser than normal. Some of the few remaining items left in my fridge were sausage and eggs so before Keith boarded his last flight to Wichita Friday, I asked if he wanted to go out to eat when he arrived or make breakfast at my place. He responded with, “it depends on if you are making those delicious biscuits”. I didn’t really have the ingredients for the biscuits he was referring to but who am I to disappoint a guy flying all the way form New York to Kansas to visit for the weekend?

Adaption #1: I only had 2 scant cups of all purpose flour. I substituted the remainder with whole wheat flour. Truth is I prefer to cook with whole wheat flour anyway but shy away from it when cooking for others.

Adaption #2: Of course buttermilk is not one of the remaining items in my fridge. Easy solution, add vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk and WALAH buttermilk. BUT I didn’t have milk, vinegar or lemon juice. I had to fall back to powdered milk. I always keep powdered milk in my pantry. No, I probably wouldn’t drink powdered milk plain (actually I think regular milk is disgusting and gross) but I have found it it works wonders when baking. I guess should change the title of this post to ” powdered milk biscuits”.

Adaption #3: This is really more more of a tip then adaption. I also had to pull butter out of my freezer. The freezer and I have become best friends since I have lived on my own. Don’t turn you back on a bargain because you can’t use it. Freeze it! I am always cutting fruits when they are in season and throwing them in the freezer along with the frozen bag of kale I didn’t quite finish to use in smoothies later. When my basil plant was prolific, I made pesto and froze the remainder. I have even heard you can freeze milk but have never tested it since I don’t care for it.

Keith at least pretended to enjoy these biscuits oblivious to any substitutions made. I also discovered my favorite new baking device. I stumbled across this Simply Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat when cleaning out my apartment. I asked for this mat for Christmas last year and in typical Clara fashion “saved” it to use for the perfect moment. I know I know it makes no sense to save new things. Similar to parchment paper, you place the silpat on a cookie sheet and the baked good doesn’t stick. There is no need to grease the cookie sheet and even better you don’t have to scrub off any baked on gunk afterwards. This mat will definitely be used for holiday cookie baking.







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  1. I need your brain when I am craving something that I don’t have the ingredients for! There needs to be a staple always have these items in your pantry to make anything list, because I feel like I have to go to the store every time I try a new recipe! Whoo hoo to wheat flour all about that!

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