Bridal Shower

My three sisters and cousin’s wife threw me an amazing bridal shower this past weekend in southwest Kansas. It is truly a blessing to be from such a supportive small town. Thank you to those who threw the shower, those in attendance, and those who sent best wishes. I received so many great gifts and can’t wait to share them with Keith.

The decorations were amazing with a gold and black New York theme. They used succulents since that is the one thing I knew I wanted if I had a traditional wedding. I am attempting to take a plant back to New York (I will keep you posted on the outcome).


They did not skimp on food. The spread included: cucumber sandwiches, jam and cream cheese sandwiches, flat bread pinwheels, little pigs in a blanket; salami, mozzarella, and tomato skewers, and snack mix.


And the CAKE!


I love wedding cake. I used to joke that I would get married only to have cake. My sister went a little overboard ordering. She sacrificed getting the correct quantity to ensure it was pretty. The entire top and bottom tier were untouched. Instead of freezing the traditional top tier we decided to freeze the entire bottom piece so my entire family (plus sum) could celebrate our one year anniversary with us.

We played a game and I failed miserably. My sister Liz had asked Keith 20 questions about himself. She then asked me the same questions. For every question I answered correctly I got a kiss from Keith (Hershey’s kiss) and for every question I answered incorrectly I had to eat a piece of Double Bubble gum. The game didn’t seem that bad initially. It soon turned HORRIBLE. I apparently don’t know anything about my husband. Liz had to take breaks between questions so I could catch up on chewing the gum. My mouth was so full I couldn’t answer questions. I think my teeth rotted instantly from the amount of sugar in the gum.


The look on my sister Margaret’s face says it all.

The boys crashed the party at the end. After getting their fill of food they went right to work loaded my car with presents.

I forgot to mention this was the last trip to southwest Kansas before the big move. I attempted to dodge all sappy goodbyes since I am not good at sappy and might be worse at goodbyes. It’s not goodbye forever folks!

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    • Thanks! I was so excited to receive one of your beautiful sunflower cutting boards. I am so excited to show it to Keith. I have told him about your work many times. It will help me proudly display my Kansas roots.

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